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Supporting Kaji Aso Studio

Since its founding in 1973 Kaji Aso Studio has contributed to the cultural and artistic richness of the Boston area. The Studio continues and offers courses and programs through the generosity of the founder, Mr. Kaji Aso; the Studio staff and members who donate their energy, time and skills to support the Studio; and the thousands of supporters of the Kaji Aso Studio, large and small, who make contributions throughout the year. Of course, we could use more and it is not too late to show support. Any size of contribution is welcome. Simply click on the picture of the "Muse" below and you will be guided to PayPal where you can make your donation on-line; or you can schedule a visit to the Studio and make your donation (617-247-1719);
or send your donation to:
Kaji Aso Studio
40 St. Stephen St.
Boston, Ma - 02115
Thank you, Members of the Kaji Aso Studio

She is granting wishes
on display at the Kaji Aso Studio