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Japanese Poetry

Poetry (Zen Poetry)
Poets of all levels are invited. Participants will read and write poetry during workshop sessions. Emphasis will be on the development of the individual's imagination and their ability to create poetry with a consistent and unified concept.
Monday 8:45 - 9:30PM
Instructor : Michael Biales

Available all seasons
Contact administrator@kajiasostudio.com for schedule
$5 per class RSVP required

Read examples of Zen Poetry


Haiku Workshop
Renga, or Japanese linked verse, is the only traditional poetic form composed by several poets in a group. Haiku and Renga are very closely related in style and form; in fact, it was from renga that haiku developed. Help us explore the possibilities of this unique workshop. All are welcome.
Wednesday 9:30 - 11 p.m.
Available all seasons
Contact administrator@kajiasostudio.com for schedule.
$5 per class RSVP required

Leader: John Ziemba




The Boston Haiku Society

The Boston haiku Society has been holding monthly meetings at the Kaji Aso Studio for 20 years. Members meet to share and discuss their haiku poems. Members also serve as judges to Kaji Aso Studio's International Haiku Contest.
the BHS was founded by Kaji Aso, Raffael de Gruttola, and John Ziemba.  The BHS chapbooks that have been published by the poets of the BHS have been edited by Raffael de Gruttola, Karen Klein, Sarah Jensen, Lawrence Rungren, and John Ziemba.
The Third Saturday of each month 2 - 6 p.m.
Fee: $4 / per meeting.
Leader :Rapheal deGruttola, John Ziemba



Annual International Haiku Contest

Kaji Aso Studio proudly sponsors an annual Haiku Contest which is open to all poets who are writing Haiku. The winners will be announced in May of this year and be awarded their prizes at the Kaji Aso Studio Japan Festival. Winners and honorable mentions will have their poetry published on Kaji Aso Studio’s webpage here and sent out to the announcement list.
Download information, rules and requirements for this year's Haiku Contest here. You will also be able to see the winners of the last year's Haiku Contest. Interested in Haiku but not sure where to begin? Why not come to one of our poetry evenings at the studio or visit the Boston Haiku Society which hold their meetings at the studio on the third Saturday of every month.

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