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Music offerings


Ron Barron principal trombonist for the BSOAttention Local Musicians :
Private Recital Rentals: The gallery has a Knabe Baby Grand Piano. Space is available to rent for private acoustic recitals.
Contact administrator@kajiasostudio.com
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New Music Courses

from Linda Paptopoli

Linda Papatopoli, long-time accompanist to Mr. Aso and Kaji Aso Studio, and Boston College Music faculty, is offering classes at the Studio. Linda has over twenty-five years teaching experience and welcomes both novice and advanced musicians. Please call 617-247-1719 to discuss schedule and fees.

Private Piano Instruction
For the novice or advanced pianist, lessons always center on aesthetic principles, ease in playing through solid technique development, and enabling the student to learn to practice effectively. The artistic spark in every student is brought out by patience and perseverance in a relaxed and positive teaching style. 45 minute or one-hour lessons.

Light Vocal Coaching
Choose according to your needs: Learn to understand your music better and incorporate the basics of singing i.e. phrasing, pronunciation, musical style. Rehearse for upcoming concerts or auditions. Sing for your own pleasure with an accompanist. Work is with a patient and enthusiastic pianist. One-hour sessions.

Theory/Musicianship Class
To many, the highly-evolved nomenclature and language of music can be daunting and can sometimes seem unrelated to the art form we so naturally enjoy. It is my belief that by approaching theory for the “inside out”, from music’s basic principles, our understanding is deepened and made easier. There will be work each class in ear-training and familiarity with the keyboard to further enhance that understanding and develop practical skills to take into the world. No musical background required. Short homework assignments.