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Join Kaji Aso Studio

Join Kaji Aso Studio

Kaji Aso Studio offers experience in the visual arts, music, poetry, and Japanese culture. Since 1973 the Studio, inspired by founder Kaji Aso, has provided a positive and supportive atmosphere for students and professionals to work together. Students have the opportunity to exhibit and often collaborate on central themes. The value of nature is stressed as an inspirational and endless source of material. The course of study encourages the development of fresh ways of thinking about our relationship to each other and the vast world around us.

Classes are available on a once a week basis in sessions that meet fall, winter, spring or summer. Contact administrator@kajiasostudio.com for information on class materials, and other details.

Yearly Membership (Note: Membership is not necessary to enroll in classes.)
Kaji Aso Studio offers membership on a yearly basis to long term Kaji Aso Studio students as an additional way to financially support the Studio and become more active in the classes and the community. Members share a larger commitment by volunteering some time each month to help with events and programs.
$1800/year, payable in monthly payments of $150.00

Kaji Aso Studio Gallery Nature & Temptation
The gallery is an integral part of the Studio. It provides space for exhibiting the work of members, students and guest artists. It has a schedule of concerts, cultural demonstrations, lectures and poetry readings. The Studio organizes a wide range of cultural and artistic activities which maintain the vital link between artists and society. Gallery Hours by appointment 617-247-1719.