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Kaji Aso Studio
International Haiku Contest

Deadline for submissions each year is APRIL 15th

* EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR 2020 HAIKU CONTEST SUBMISSIONS- JULY 15, 2020 * Please note: Due to the extraordinary situation around COVID-19, we are changing the due date for this year only. Kaji Aso Studio 2020 Haiku Contest submissions: NEW deadline date- July 15th, 2020. All rights will revert back to the authors after September 15th, after the winners are awarded.

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sumi painting by Kaji Aso

Please type or neatly print your submissions and send them to
Kaji Aso Studio Haiku Contest
40 Saint Stephen Street
Boston, MA 02115

- Be sure to include your name, address, and if you have one, your email address.

- If you have no email address, please include an SASE.

- The entry fee is $3.00 for each haiku or senryu; and you may send as many haiku or senryu as you like. Be sure to mark each poem as haiku or senryu.

- All rights will revert back to the authors after June 15th, after the winners are awarded  

- You may also submit payment through PayPal below and send haiku submissions to: Admin2@kajiasostudio.com


Haiku Submissions


Deadline for submissions is April 15
EXTENDED DEADLINE for 2020 only: July 15


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