::::: Haiku Contest Results :::::

The Results of Kaji Aso Studio’s International Haiku Contest 2017

This program is supported by the Consul General of Japan in Boston

Kaji Aso Studio has been happy to see such an international participation in our annual haiku contest. This means that Japanese cultural is being understood by more and more people. We are encouraged by your participation and hope that you will continue to write haiku and think of Kaji Aso Studio as your supporter.


the glide
between breast strokes

First prize -
- Hannah Mahoney ,Cambridge, Massachusetts


buying the dust
along with the book…
day moon


Second Prize -
Michele Harvey, Hamilton, New York

what was
what is


Third Prize -
-Alan Bridges, Littleton, Massachusetts



Senryu Award

pets long since gone
but living on…
as passwords

- Kenneth Elba Carrier, Wakefield, Massachusetts

Haiku Honorable Mentions


a to do list longer than my life autumn rain

- John Barlow Ormskirk, UK


coastal scrub
a hawk’s shadow
stills the sagebrush

- John Barlow Ormskirk, UK


the teasels

- John Barlow Ormskirk, UK


first light
about to touch
butterfly eggs

- Meik Blöttenberger Hanover, Pennsylvania


as if they were one winter waxwings

- Alan Bridges Littleton, Massachusetts


Cranberry shoots
on a salt-marsh pond
Pink moon

- Patricia Gillespie Hexham, U K


a braille of larks
in summer sky
his touch

- Jennifer Hambrick Worthington, Ohio


spring chill
a duck’s glide
gets a boost from the wind

- Hannah Mahoney Cambridge, MA


kindly stopping
    for me
mourning cloak

- Scott Mason Chappaqua, New York


just before dawn the barn swallows the bats

- Julie Warther Dover, Ohio




bringing the wild
back into bed
indoor/outdoor cat

- Michele Harvey, Hamilton, New York


small town diner
two guys question
central intelligence

- Peter Newton Winchendon, Massachusetts


Valentine’s Day
his heart inside
the tiniest box

- Marian Olson Santa Fe, New Mexico