::::: Haiku Contest Results :::::

The Results of Kaji Aso Studio’s International Haiku Contest 2016

This program is supported by the Consul General of Japan in Boston

Kaji Aso Studio has been happy to see such an international participation in our annual haiku contest. This means that Japanese cultural is being understood by more and more people. We are encouraged by your participation and hope that you will continue to write haiku and think of Kaji Aso Studio as your supporter.


scraping the dark
from a cast-iron pot
cherry blossoms

First prize -
- Cezar-Florin Ciobîc? ,Botosani, Romania


more silence
than song
night owl


Second Prize -
Michele Harvey, Hamilton, New York

the route…
letting spring
remap it


Third Prize -
-a dee ar



Senryu Award

two roads diverged
I let the dog

- Hannah Mahoney Cambridge, Massachusetts

Haiku Honorable Mentions


a flatbed
on a flatbed
autumn rain

- John Barlow Ormskirk, UK


the smell of roast chestnuts
grandma remembers
my name day

- Tracy Davidson Stratford-upon-Avon, UK


country graveyard
the oldest stones
under tall pines

- Hannah Mahoney Cambridge, MA


passing through
a crenelated shadow
ghost crab

- Scott Mason Chappaqua, New York


winter afternoon
a quick spin
on the kaleidoscope

-Peter Newton Winchendon, MA


frog eggs
bobbing beneath
the milk moon

- Miek Blöttenberger Hanover, Pennsylvania


or squash

- Earl R. Keener Bethany, West Virginia


high summer
the dark space
under the ferns

- Hannah Mahoney Cambridge, MA


where muskets once fired
milkweed fluff

- Scott Mason Chappaqua, New York


a hole
to see through…
winter star

- Julie Warther Dover, Ohio




winter ending
another last squeeze
of toothpaste

- Brad Bennett Arlington , Massachusetts


pink spray paint
the time
‘I ♥ you 4-ever’ lasts

-Alan S. Bridges Littleton, Massachusetts


time to decide
who leads the free world
Year of the Monkey

-Peter Newton Winchendon, MA