::::: Haiku Contest Results :::::

Poetry Japanese Haiku and Renga

Kaji Aso Studio has been happy to see such an international participation in our annual haiku contest. This means that Japanese cultural is being understood by more and more people. We are encouraged by your participation and hope that you will continue to write haiku and think of Kaji Aso Studio as your supporter.


only a junco’s wing
this small snow-blizzard
from the lilac

First prize -
Elizabeth Searle Lamb Santa Fe, NM


moment of rest
and scarecrow


Second Prize -
Francine Banwarth Dubuque, Iowa

morning sun
the first
red maple


Third Prize -
Scott Glander Evanston , IL - USA



Honorable mentions


early thaw
last year’s potatoes
sprout in the hutch

Robert Bauer Wheeling , WV

winter evening
the house cat sinks its teeth
deeper into me

An’ya Crescent, OR


carrying the harvest
of her hips

Wanda D. Cook Hadley , MA


a buzzing bumble bee
dandelion fluff covers
the ripe blackberry

Verica Zivkovic Serbia and Montenegro


frigid night-
a drip in the sink
fills the whole house

Barry George Philadelphia, PA


cool morning
a caterpillar asleep
under Buddha’s ear

Bruce Ross Bangor , ME


the irises find their color
at dusk

Maria Steyn Johannesburg , South Africa


traveling exhibit
a spider in
the bonsai tree

Rick Tar quinio Bridgeton , NJ


lovers looking up
not kissing-
spring moon

Thom Williams Newtown S q, PA


house for sale
the pear tree in blossom
we make an offer

Joyce Austin Gilbert Cochranville, PA