::::: Haiku Contest Results :::::

Poetry Japanese Haiku and Renga

Kaji Aso Studio has been happy to see such an international participation in our annual haiku contest. This means that Japanese cultural is being understood by more and more people. We are encouraged by your participation and hope that you will continue to write haiku and think of Kaji Aso Studio as your supporter.

Winners 2004

First Prize-
Olga Hooper - Michigan - USA

Monkey Year
divorced again
for the same reason

Second Prize
Verica Zivkovic -
Ser/ Montenegro

Sky clears up
hail on the sunflower

Third Prize -
by Stanford M Forrester, CT - USA

cracked Buddha skull
I look inside
the emptiness


Honorable Mentions

Mother's parasol
we unfurl the dust
of summers past

Ernest J. Berry, New Zealand


The shadow
of the bookmark's tassel
deepening snow

Michael Fessler, Japan


Asking old woman
about her youth
she keeps smiling

Tengu, Russia


Refugee office
little girl telling us
she had a kitten

Olga Hooper, Michigan


Late summer
high clouds wisp
into nothing

Jim Kacian, Virginia

A sudden warming
the snowman melts
into his clothes

Adelaide Shaw, New York - USA


racing with leaves
a bird swishes by

Tei Matsuhita Scott, Virginia - USA


a little birch does not know
how to shed its leaves

Barome, Russia


Unrequited love
my heart becomes
a gentle spring rain

Hiroko Okahashi, MA


My netsuke mouse
never squeaks, no..
a winter night

Michael McClintock, California