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Kaji Aso Studio

About Kaji Aso
Founder and Executive Director
(1936 - 2006)
Retired Professor of Art, School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University,Tokyo University of Art, BFA, MFA.
Collections: National Museum of Modern Art,
Tokyo Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Museum of Modern Art, New York National Museum of Czechoslovakia: State Pushkin Museum, Moscow:
Padua Museum, Italy.

Awards/Honors: 2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century, IBC, Cambridge, England: 500 Leaders of Influence(registered at the U.S. Library of Congress), ABI: Proclamation of Recognition from Mayor Menino; Honorary Citizen; Distinguished Bostonian; and others.

Lead artist adventures down major rivers of the world, including the Mississippi, USA; the Shinano, Japan; the Seine,France; the first Soviet-American-Japanese expedition down the full length of the Volga River, USSR; the Nile, Africa; and the Tajo River in Spain and Portugal.

Studied and performed Neapolitan and Italian Art songs as well as Tenor roles from Italian lyric Opera repertoire. In 2005 year he completed his 36th Boston Marathon. As a poet and musician, recently composed "Spring Morning Light" for solo voice, chamber choir and chamber group.

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Kate Finnegan
Kate Finnegan
Tufts University, BFA. Exhibitions in USA, Japan, Italy. Also instructor at Tufts University, Cambridge Center for Adult Education and workshops at various colleges and universities.



Toshio Abiko
Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan, Major in Commercial Design, BFA, Asagaya Art School, Tokyo, Japan. Selected membership in Japan commercial Space Designers Society and JDDA Design Award.
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Michael Biales
Tufts University, MFA: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 5-yr certificate. Exhibitions in the USA, Japan, and England. Also instructor at De Cordova Museum School.




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Jeanne Gugino
SUNY, College of Education at Buffalo, BS in Art Ed. Exhibitions in USA, Japan, England, and Italy. Also instructor at Newton Community Education.

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Marjorie Layman
University of New Hampshire, BS. Graphic Designer for Fun Unlimited Inc. and Crisler McKee Software Development Corp. Exhibited in the USA and Italy

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Meena Malik
Meena Malik
New England Conservatory of
Music, MM in Vocal Performance, Boston, MA. University of Redlands, BM in Vocal Performance and Minor in German, Redlands, CA. TEFL Certificate holder.



Katie Sloss or Mrs. Newton
Katie Sloss
Reed College, University of California, Berkeley, BA; Tufts University, MEd . Exhibitions in USA, Japan, England, Italy. Also an instructor at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education



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Gary Tucker
Tufts University, BFA. Exhibitions in the USA and Japan. Instructor BCAE and Newton Community Art Center. Award teacher of the year 2004 BCAE. Gary publishes poetry and short stories on his web site.

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Special workshop Instructors

Sumie Kaneko
Sumie Kaneko
Tokyo University of Art, 1996
majored in Yamada-school Koto and Shamisen.
Berklee College of Music, 2006 majored in jazz
vocal. Performs throughout New England.


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