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What is Dasoku ?

Dasoku ( Da so kuu) A Japanese word that means something which is unnecessary such as a snake with legs.

In Boston Dasoku is a journal of arts and letters produced by Kaji Aso Studio. Through Dasoku the artists, poets and musicians working at Kaji Aso Studio publish their works.


Dasoku Kaji Aso Memorial Issue 2006Dasoku Autumn 2006 Contents:

-“Etchings in Moonlight” Interview with artist Kaji Aso by Christina Haftman
-“Death of a Genius” From Yomiuri Newspaper June 19, 2006 by Mr. Kodera
- Boston Marathon 2006
- Japan Festival 2006
- Japan Festival Review From Asian Boston Magazine August 2006 by Mariko Cailo
- Boston Haiku Society
- Star Festival 2006
- Wednesday Poetry
- Tuesday Renga
- Annual International Haiku Contest
- Painting Show Review
- Holiday Store and First Annual Sake
- Tasting Night

Dasoku 2005

Dasoku Fall 2006
Special Memorial Issue

A Tribute to Kaji Aso in words and images
1. Speech read by Hiroko Matsumoto, Manager of Kaji Aso Tokyo Station
2. Speech read by Gloria Foxx, Massachusetts House of Representatives
3. A Letter from the Mayor of Toride, Japan, read by Mr. Shin Kudo, Nephew of Mr. Aso
4. Speech read by Rosemarie E. Sansone, Director of Public Affairs, Suffolk University
5. Spirit of February, poem by Mr. Aso, Read by Marjorie Layman, Trustee, Kaji Aso Studio, and Mr. Shin Kudo
6. Quote from speech by Mr. Peter Thomson, Longtime friend of Mr. Aso
7. Presentation of Citation from the Office of The Honorable Dianne Wilkerson, State Senator
8. Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation, Boston City Council Representatives Michael Ross and Chuck Turner
9. Speech by the Honorable Yoichi Suzuki, Consul General of Japan
10. Letter from Mr. Peter Grilli of the Japan Society of Boston
11. Letter from Mr. Peter Gercik of the MIT– Japan Program
12. Letter from Japan-American Society and the Black Ships Festival of RI, Inc.
13. Speech by Gary Tucker, Gallery Director and Trustee, Kaji Aso Studio
14. Speech by Katie Sloss, Music Director and Trustee, Kaji Aso Studio
15. Speech by Kate Finnegan, Administrator and Trustee, Kaji Aso Studio
16. Haiku by Kaji Aso, was written to be recited as his last haiku,
read by Jane Kim, Trustee, Kaji Aso Studio
17. “Ideale” from Tosti CD, Mr. Aso, Tenor and Linda Papatopoli, piano
18. Guestbook for Mr. Kaji Aso



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Dasoku Fall 2005
A description of the contents of the issue contributing authors and artists
Artist’s Prayer
Just Buds
My First Marathon with Kaji Aso Studio
Tea Ceremony
Prisoner Tea Ceremony
What is Renga? Free Renga
Two Pebbles Talk
2005 Haiku Contest Winners
Haiku by BHS
Japan Festival 2005
Peace Sunday
Wednesday Night Poetry Workshop
Kaji Aso Studio Schedule 2005-2006: Upcoming Events



Dasoku 2005

Dasoku Winter / Spring 2005
A description of the contents of the issue contributing authors and artists
Review "Cowardly Samurai"
Artistic Spirit
Two Pebbles Conversation
Wednesday night Poetry
Boston Haiku Society
Annual Appeal results
Review of Symphony Sushi
Damien Hirst at the MFA

2004 Haiku Contest Winners
Idea of Luxury



Dasoku 2004

Dasoku Winter / Spring 2004
A description of the contents of the issue contributing authors and artists
Concept of Conception by Kaji Aso
2- dimensions or 3-dimensions
which is more advanced? H Ohtani
Cushion Expressionism or eroticism
- H. Ohtani
2003 haiku Contest winners
Annual Appeal
30th Anniversary Exhibition
Two Pebbles Talk
Greece and Japan


Dasoku 2003

Dasoku Winter / Spring 2002
A description of the contents of the issue contributing authors and artists
Peculiarity of Human Being
Genius and insane
Wednesday Night Poetry
An Artistic trip to Greece..
Impressionism and Cezanne
A Preview of Don Giovanni
Voice of two pebbles..