::::: Dasoku Arts Journal :::::

What is Dasoku ?

Dasoku ( Da so kuu) A Japanese word that means something which is unnecessary such as a snake with legs.

In Boston Dasoku is a bi yearly journal of arts and letters produced by Kaji Aso Studio. Through Dasoku the artists, poets and musicians working at Kaji Aso Studio can publish their works.

Who can publish in Dasoku ?
There are certain guidelines for submitting written works. For information on how you may submit your artwork, poetry, or other writings please contact the editors of Dasoku with your submissions dasoku@kajiasostudio.com

To see the guidelines for advertisements appearing in Dasoku and learn about how you may advertise your business or service in Dasoku go here >

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Kaji Aso StudioDASOKU Fall 2007
A bi-annual publication of Essays, poetry, images and other works by members of the Kaji Aso Studio
This Issue:
"Night Conversation"
One year Anniversary of Kaji Aso's passing
Recognition Letters form Mayor Menino, and Senetor Kerry
Art Tour Greece 2007
Bird Lore
Tea Ceremony
International Haiku Contest
Noh Theatre presentation


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