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Capital Campaign - Building Fund
Help continue the legacy.

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Dear Friend of Kaji Aso Studio,
Because of you and your generosity      
              *Kaji Aso Studio, after 40 years of renting, now OWNS 40 St. Stephen Street!  This was made possible by our first ever Capital Campaign in which we successfully raised $350,000 of our targeted $500,000.  We send our deepest gratitude to the supporters, volunteers, financial and legal advisors  who made this long time dream possible.  The entire Studio community is humbled to know that after more than 40 years we continue to have value in so many lives.   
             *Our schedule of classes, tea ceremonies and exhibits are as vibrant they have been they been in recent history.  We are excited to see a new generation of faces come to the Studio each semester.  Major exhibits with artists from Japan are becoming a regular part of our annual programming.
             SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We have just been notified that we are receiving the Foreign Minister’s Commendation, a prestigious award made by the Japanese Government. This commendation is awarded to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in international fields and to acknowledge their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries. Be assured you may be proud of all you have done to make Kaji Aso Studio Institute for the Arts a special place for self-discovery, promotion of international understanding, and honoring the legacy of Mr. Kaji Aso.
           For all we have accomplished with your help, the Studio is asking that you consider us when making your  giving plans.  Any amount you can contribute will be deeply appreciated as we make necessary structural repairs to our beloved building. 
          Please come and visit the Studio-we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. 
Kate Finnegan
Executive Director
and the Board of Trustees
of Kaji Aso Studio Institute for the Arts