::::: Our Board and Trustees :::::

Board and Trustees of Kaji Aso Studio


Kaji Aso (1936-2006)
Kate Finnegan
   Executive Director
Katie Sloss
   Music Director
Jeanne Gugino
   Ceramic Director
Michael Biales
   Poetry Director
Gary Tucker
   Gallery Director
John Ziemba
   Japanese Poetry    Director

Board of Advisors
   Michael Aschettino
   Paula Aschettino
   Dr. John Dower
   Yasuko Dower
   Joan Harlowe
   Dr. Allan Hobson
   Gerald MacNabb
   Kit MacNabb
   Koji Shinzawa
   Dr. Laurence Sloss
   Katie Sloss
   Patricia Stimpson
   Wes Stimpson
   Linda Sultan
   Peter Thomson
   Elizabeth Thomson
   Robert Zevin

Board of Trustees
   Kate Finnegan
   Jeanne Gugino
   Nehal Patel
   Katie Sloss
   Gary Tucker

Honorary Trustee
   Jane Kim Dailey

Kaji Aso Studio is now the grateful owner of the historic building where it all started in 1973 - thanks to all our donors! And a very special thank you to our beneficent landlord of 42 years, Dr.Bernard Yudowitz,
for his support and generosity to Kaji Aso Studio and the Arts.